Rumor: Paul Pierce Punched LeBron James After Game Four

File this under "questionable rumors." There's a story spreading on social media that Paul Pierce punched LeBron James in the jaw after the game Monday night, and that ten men (!) had to stop LeBron from killing Pierce. I mean, internet rumor so hard, internet. World Star!

This really is funnier than the time people wanted to believe Blake Griffin slapped a shirtless Justin Bieber in a Starbucks. Seriously, though, we wish that Bieber story were true.

It appears the LeBron rumor began on Media Take Out. The story is as follows:

May 13, 2014: It was going DOWWWWWN last night in Brooklyn after the Miami Heat-Brooklyn game. According to one of our HOMIES THAT PLAYS ON THE BROOKLYN NETS . . . LeBron James and Paul Pierce got into it in the players tunnel after the game. Our source tells us that Paul started talking SLICK . . . and LEBRON said the wrong thing.

Then . . . BLOOP . . . Paul Pierce allegedly (not trying to get anyone fined) PUNCHED LEBRON RIGHT IN HIS JAW. Let us repeat that . .. BRON GOT SNUCK IN THE FACE!!!

According to our insider ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE when LeBron got touched . . . and Bron had to be restrained by up to 10 MEN. We're told LeBron looked like a crazed man!!

Anyways here is the BEST PART . . . somebody got it on cell phone footage. We're in the process of BIDDING FOR THE FOOTAGE right now . . . but TMZ got way deeper pockets than we do. Either way, expect to see it either HERE or THERE before the day is up. If any of y'all wanna give us a couple of dollars . . . . maybe we can BEAT THEM OUT this time. Sheesh, can we get at least ONE of these tapes. #TheirPocketsIsDEEPTho#

OK, first of all, you would think if that many people had to hold LeBron back, you would have heard about it happening by now. You know, because the Miami Heat and its surroundings are sort of paid attention to 24/7.

Second, LeBron James did a postgame presser and looked calm as could be -- no sign whatsoever he was just in a "scrum" in the tunnel. He actually looks tired, which tends to happen sometimes when you score 49 points in 43 minutes.

Is there any chance in the world this happened? Just the other day, LeBron, in response to some of the smack Paul Pierce was talking to the media following the Heat's game-three loss in Brooklyn, said, "I let my game do the talking". He did just that in game four, so to think he felt the need to seek out Pierce and tell him about it in the tunnel afterward is pretty far-fetched.

Everyone have a good laugh? Good. Now let's enjoy the Heat clinching its fourth consecutive Eastern Conference finals tonight. Nothing to see here. Well, unless the cell-phone footage of this is actually real; then there's something else to see, I guess.

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