Rudy Eugene Smoked Pot Before Face-Eating Attack, Other Drugs Won't Be Known For Weeks

Despite all the hubbub floating around about bath salts, so far a preliminary toxicology report has only found marijuana in Rudy Eugene's system. That doesn't mean that Eugene, who ate a man's face near the MacArthur Causeway over Memorial Day weekend, hadn't used other substances. The full toxicology report will not be completed for another few weeks.

The reports comes from CBS Miami's Jim DeFede who spoke to an anonymous senior law enforcement official.

The preliminary toxicology test carried out as part of the autopsy reveled that Eugene had smoked pot shortly before the attack. Though, marijuana likely is not responsible for turning him into a man capable of chewing another's face off. It will now be at least two months until the full lab work is completed.

Police also found five empty, but recently purchased, bottles of water in the car Eugene left on South Beach before walking over the causeway.

"People who take Ecstasy often crave water," writes DeFede in a throw away theory. Ecstasy use is actually associated with a reduction of aggression, but an overdose on the drug or taking pills cut with other drugs could lead to other outcomes.

Of other note, police also believe that Eugene had been carrying a Bible, as one was found near his body. Though, a Koran was found in his car.

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