Rudy Crew's Bonus Question

The data’s in: In Miami-Dade, 26 schools received an F rating on the FCAT. Six schools are looking at a federal intervention, in which they’ll be forced to go private. All in all, it’s a dismal time for Miami-Dade public schools.

But hey – that doesn’t mean things have to go badly for Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Rudy Crew. Today's School Board meeting will decide whether Crew gets the $65,000 bonus that the Board decided last July would be available to Crew, based on his performance. (It’s not exactly a question of life or death: Crew’s base pay is three hundred thousand dollars.)

“We’ll see if they give him the bonus,” said Board Member Ana Rivas-Logan, who opposes further padding Crew’s pockets. “But this is ridiculous. Sixty-five thousand dollars? And when teachers are getting five-hundred and six-hundred dollar raises.”

Crew will most likely receive his bonus, with or without the support of Rivas-Logan, but she plans to stand in the way regardless. “The bottom line is achievement,” she says. “Are we preparing our students for the world? Are we giving them the education they deserve? That to me is the bottom line.” -- Isaiah Thompson

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