Rubio Web Ad Takes Crist out of Context

Hey, look, it's another Marco Rubio web ad. This one starts out well, listing all the problems Florida's economy faces and prepares to point the finger squarely at the governor, who's Goliath to Rubio's David in the Florida Republican Senate primary. But then the Rubio team relies on a bit of dirty editing trickery. 

It appears Crist says unemployment and foreclosures are "not that big of a deal, to be honest." In fact, Charlie was merely telling his Squawk Box interviewer that the recent dip in the population is "not that big of a deal, to be honest with you."  

This being the Internet age, the entire segement from CNBC is online (we've embedded it after the jump). 

As Rubio has a habit of doing, he can't help himself and also throws in a photo of Crist and Obama hugging during the president's stop in the Sunshine State while trying to tout his stimulus program. Funny thing is, one of the factoids that pops up during the Squawk Box segment claims, "It is estimated that the federal stimulus bill will create or save 207k jobs in Florida."

There's a lot of intellectually honest criticism to be made about Crist. Rubio only hurts himself by resorting to political ad trickery. 

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