Rubio Blames Missing Votes on His Hatred for Hillary Clinton

Is there nothing Republicans can't find to blame on Hillary Clinton? Apparently not. 

Marco Rubio is under fire this week after everyone collectively woke up and realized he hasn't been doing his job as an elected U.S. Senator of the third most populous state in the nation. He's missed about one-third of all U.S. Senate votes this year while he's been out running for president (far more than other senators in the race), and the Sun-Sentinel called on him to resign

Well, his latest defense is just, um, "Hillary Clinton." 

“As far as votes, I don’t like missing votes — I hate it,” Rubio told CNN's Chris Cuomo this morning. 

Of course, this comes just days after he tried to say that the votes he was missing weren't that important anyway, and that voting in the Senate isn't the most important part of being a senator. 

Now he's decided he "hates" missing those supposedly meaningless vote, but he hates something else even more. 

“Here’s what I hate more — that is to wake up on the first Wednesday of November in 2016 to the news that Hillary Clinton has been elected president of the United States,” Rubio concluded. 

Rubio again added he thinks the most important part of the job is "constituent services," and he says his office has been keeping up with that. 

Though, the fact he's trying to explain away his missing votes by claiming he just really, really hates the idea of Hillary Clinton becoming president is, at the very least, hilarious. 

There is an actual smarter way he could have worked Hillary Clinton into his defense. 

Back when she was serving in the Senate and running for president at the same time in 2008 she too, along with then Senator Barack Obama, ended up missing a ton of votes. 

According to an analysis from the Daily Mail, Rubio has missed 53.80 percent of votes from July through September of this year. In the same period back in 2007, President Obama missed 56.30 percent of his votes. Clinton missed just 21.80 percent but started skipping more and more votes as her race against Obama grew tighter. The next quarter she would wind up missing 83.50 percent of her votes.
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Kyle Munzenrieder