Royal Caribbean Sued After 17-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Raped by Cruise Singer

A 17-year-old girl is suing Royal Caribbean after one of its employees allegedly plied her with alcohol and raped her during a March cruise.

According to the lawsuit, 31-year-old Francisco Piñeda Adames was singing in the band aboard the ship when, two days into the cruise out of Fort Lauderdale, the unnamed teenager stopped to watch him perform by the pool. Piñeda called the girl onto the stage to dance and promised to buy her a drink after the song ended. But when the music stopped, things quickly got out of control.

"She was enjoying the cruise and this happened out of nowhere and just devastated her," says her attorney, Jeffrey Herman.

Royal Caribbean, which is based in Miami, could not be reached for comment regarding the lawsuit.

When the band finished playing that night, Piñeda walked over to the teenager and bought her a piña colada, despite the fact that her cruise ID showed her as underage, the lawsuit says. Then Piñeda ordered two rounds of Jaeggerbombs and pressured her to finish the shots.

After a few more drinks, Piñeda asked her to come to his room with him because he needed to pick up something for his next show later that night, according to the lawsuit. Severely drunk, she agreed.

When they got to his room, however, Piñeda started kissing and undressing her. He allegedly performed oral sex on the minor until saying, "my turn," and having her perform oral sex on him. "Jane Doe remembers Piñeda Adames climbing on top of her and having sexual intercourse without a condom," the lawsuit alleges, "and she remembers feeling pain in her rectum."

When the alcohol wore off slightly she said, "I want to leave," and tried to exit the room. But Piñeda allegedly told her no and continued raping her.

At one point, another man supposedly entered the room and took pornographic photos of the drunken 17-year-old. When she was finally able to leave, she heard the two men laughing in the room behind her.

"They found her on the ship afterwards, sort of on the floor, crying," says Herman, her attorney. "What's truly incredible is that (Royal Caribbean) had her give a written statement while she was still intoxicated, then sent her for medical examination, where she tested positive for .101 blood alcohol content."

Herman says that he's unaware of any criminal charges against Piñeda, but that he and Royal Caribbean should be held responsible. The lawsuit also names the bartender who served Jane Doe and the man who allegedly took photos of the rape.

"This was a (high school) graduation present that her mother had saved up to put her on," Herman says. "For this young girl, this was horrific."

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