Ros-Lehtinen's Constituents Happy and Healthy, Meek's Not So Much

Gallup, Healthways, and America's Health Insurance Plans have teamed up to create a state by state, and congressional district by district well-being index. The index is based on the World Health Organization's definition of health as "not only the absence of infirmity and disease, but also a state of physical, mental, and social well-being."

Out of the four congressional districts that make up major parts of Miami-Dade, District 18, represented by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is by far the happiest and healthiest. Though they are only the 125th happiest in the country, it's good enough to put them in the top 30%. Guess living in the Keys, Coral Gables, or parts of Miami Beach tends to make one happy. The district still gets low marks in basic access to health care, and emotional health. 

The lowest ranking district? Kendrick Meek's 17th, which comes just 20 places from last place at 415. Mario Diaz-Balart's 25th isn't much healthier at 373, and comes in close to the bottom for emotional health. Meanwhile, Lincoln Diaz-Balart's district comes in at #303, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's 20th isn't exactly happy, but not that sad at #171. 

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