Ronnie Brown Arrested for DUI

​Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence this weekend. Unlike the majority of athlete DUI arrests we hear about, this one didn't happen on South Beach and did not involve a Bentley.

Brown was arrested near Atlanta in his hometown late Friday, according to the Miami Herald. Apparently, he was pulled over for making a lane change without signaling, which... Wait, you can actually be pulled over for that? (Does anyone remember that horrible movie Soul Man where C. Thomas Howell's character, after taking the tanning pills that leave him looking African-American, is pulled over for making a lane change without signaling, but it's really because he was "driving while black"? We're not saying; we're just saying.)

Brown performed poorly on a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. The star running back was released from jail early Saturday morning.

He has no previous arrest record. He has hired a lawyer and hopes to have the charges reduced to a simple traffic violation.

So far, the Dolphins have had no comment, and his arrest will not affect his ability to start voluntary training, which begins today.

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Kyle Munzenrieder