Ron Paul Supporters' Ten Best Comments On Our Anti-Paul Column

​Earlier today, Riptide's resident Tea Party trouble-maker Gus Garcia-Roberts took a strong stand against Libertarian hero Ron Paul -- as well as his allegedly "sandpapery man hands" -- while demanding that Paul "cease to exist (in politics.)"

To say that Paul's supporters were angry at Garcia-Roberts column would be to say that Newt Gingrich has some fidelity issues. The piece has drawn more than two hundred comments to date, not to mention a full voice mail box. Click through for the ten most well-reasoned rebuttals from the bowels of the Interwebs.

Honorable mentions:


I'm wondering do you just not know how to use the Internet, do you not know how to research, or are you just lying, putting words in people's mouths? ... I don't mean to be rude, but either you're dumb or you don't know how to research


I applaud you for sucking magnificently at your job, sir.


I suspect the author of this article is a terrorist, wishing death on Ron Paul like that.

Richard Shank:

G G-R, among a nation of fools, phones & idiots, you are one of the biggest. Just STFU.


Gus Garica-Roberts ... to say that Ron Paul is creepy, while in the presence of Romulan, or Newt the lizard is a direct example of Gus's stupidity.


Gotta hand it to you, in this world of unproportional numbers of dumbasses you are like the king dumbass.

Evan Rogers:

What in the flaming hell are you smoking? Instant ignore.


Nice to see Miami Times started a gossip column.

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Top Ten

10. Roger:

This article smells like the Shit Miami Guys say.

9. stanxcarter:

A for-hire, slimy flip-flopper ... a serial cheater meglomaniac ... and a paranoid hyperphobe, and he calls the principled, family-man the creep. BIRDS OF A FEATHER...

8. GibbyG:

Comparing mentally challenged individuals to this fruitcake is rather harsh don't you think? I mean, they are just mentally challenged & he's got problems on a whole other level! :)

7. Dale Ritchey:

Having read that my only response is: I hope the author is not in the proximity of children or small animals without supervision

6. Brandon Chambers:

Dear jack ass you bullshit propaganda will not work on us ... the rants of a stupid jackass will not disparage the intelligent well informed followers of the good Dr. Paul. So please go home and stop existing.

5. Barry:

Maybe if you keep at it Perez Hilton will let you ghost write some stories for his dog's blog?

4. J Walker:

I'm usually against abortion, but in your case; I think your mother did an injustice to this world for having you.

3. slimbo:

Gus Roberts, I've never even heard of your pathetic journalist ass before, so how about you go cease your existence somewhere in the Everglades and feed some hungry alligators.

2. Mari:

Dear Gus, this is an abomination towards Miami and the people of Miami. I am embarrassed to live in the same city as your lame ass.

1. Nora Smith:

A child still with the scars left by Fidel, once in America LOOKING FOR ATTENTION!! His parents taught him VERY WELL the 'third-world country JOURNALISM!" (Ed note: Sadly, Gus is from New York and is not Cuban.)

-- Nicky Diaz contributed to this piece.

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