Rod Smith Will Be the Next Chair of the Florida Democratic Party

Hey, looks like Rod Smith will finally win an election. The failed candidate for Governor in 2006 and Lt. Governor in 2010 is all be guaranteed to be the next chair of the Florida Democratic Party. Supposedly Smith's record of astounding personal failure in statewide races and wishy-washy moderate political stances is just what the FDP thinks it needs to solve its own problems -- which are astounding electoral failure and lack of a clear message.

Smith has been one of the top names mentioned for the post after Karen Thurman resigned last month. Only up-and-coming democrat Andrew Gillum actually mounted a campaign to run against Smith, but he's now dropped out opening an easy path to a win for Smith. Hopefully though Smith will help guide Gillum and other promising young democrats.

Smith served as state attorney for the eighth judicial circuit, and his only experience in elected office comes from six years as a state senator.

Smith is a political moderate, and occasionally takes stances counter to traditional democratic ones. Though he is a relatively strong speaker (important as the Democrats now have no naturally elected in-state leader to make the media rounds), and should do a decent job of fund raising for the party.

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Kyle Munzenrieder