Robert Marve Might Be Joining Bryce Brown at Tennessee

It's kind of a shame the Miami Hurricanes don't have a regular series with the Tennessee Vols, because if we played them next season it would be one of those games shaped with dramatic backstory. Even football fans love a good soap opera once in a while. 

On the surface you have two teams that used to be contenders but have been struggling as of late. UM Coach Randy Shannon will be in his 3rd season, while it will be Tennessee's first season with Lane Kiffin. You also have the whole matter of the '86 Sugar Bowl, but add to that the drama of over prized recruit Bryce Brown. He had verbally committed to UM, but then hired some svengali advisor, went on a hunger fast, and ended up with the Vols instead. 

Now it's looking like former UM QB Robert Marve is seriously considering heading to Knoxville. Randy Shannon, whose strict disciplinarian tactics would make a nun blush, suspended Marve during their bowl game last year because he missed four classes, which is pretty much business as usual for a regular student on the Coral Gables campus, or any college campus for that matter. That was the last straw for Marve, who then asked to be released. 

But Shannon wouldn't make it easy and barred Marve from transferring to a handful of schools, including Tenn. But Marve can take a back channel, enroll at Tennessee, and walk on. Though, he'd have to pay tuition. 

ESPN is reporting that the top two choices for the former UM QB also include Purdue, where he would play with a full scholarship. 

So, yeah, unfortunately the T won't be playing the U anytime soon unless the stars align in favor of a Bowl game, or maybe even the BCS championship ...hahaha, who am I kidding? 

As for Marve and Brown? Um, have fun in Knoxville. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder