Robber Uses Stun Gun on Elderly Woman and Little Dog in Jewelry Theft

Knock, Knock. Who's there? A thief posing as a door-to-door pharmacist who is packing a stun gun, that's who.

An elderly woman was robbed last week in such a bizarre occurrence, and now police are on the hunt for the suspect.

NBCMiami reports that last Friday, January 21st, an elderly woman answered the door after a man knocked and told her in Spanish he was a pharmacist delivering medication. The woman wasn't expecting medication, and after the man walked in her home, she begin asking what he was doing there.

That's when the thief pulled out a stun gun and electrocuted the woman. Her pet dachshund became excited and entered the fray somehow, and the criminal turned the stun gun on the dog.

The woman's husband was also home at the time, but is bed ridden.

The woman was able to force the man out of the house by wielding scissors, but he still made off with some of her jewelery.

Police are searching, according to NBC, for a white Hispanic man who is  "5'2" to 5'4", 180-200 pounds with a big belly, thinning hair with receding hair line and an unshaven round face with no visible scars or tattoos" who is between the ages of 50 and 55. He made off in a white two-door vehicle. The incident occurred in the area of Southwest 8th Street and 32nd Avenue in Miami.

Anyone with any information on the crime is asked to call the City of Miami Police Department's Robbery Unit (305) 603-6370 or Crime Stoppers of Miami Dade at (305) 471-TIPS.

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Kyle Munzenrieder