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Road To the Finals: Your Miami Heat White Hot Playoffs Primer

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If you're anything like me, you already have butterflies. The Miami Heat are ready to defend the throne, in what should be another fantastic few weeks of some of the best sports entertainment this town has ever witnessed. The Miami Heat enter the NBA Playoffs as the clear-cut favorite to repeat as champions, but a long road remains ahead before anyone can go planning that day off work for the parade on Biscayne.

So what stands between the Heat and another ring? Can anyone in the East seriously challenge the Heat, or will they at the very least make the Finals for the third season in a row? Let's get you ready for what lies ahead in the next few weeks. Check out a team-by-team analysis of all the suckas about to get Heat-rolled.

2013 Playoff Theme: White Hot
Bang it HERE for all your White Hot related info, and there is quite a bit of it. Sun Sports will air the First Round and will feature a pre-game show hosted by 560 WQAM's Jorge Sedano and an extended post game show live from the arena, in addition Jason Jackson will be doing Jason Jackson things like only Jason Jackson can do of course. This is pretty simple if you are still confused, WEAR WHITE CLOTHING. If you do not wear white, chances are a white shirt will be provided for you free of charge laying on your bazillion dollar seat. Put it on ladies, you might think your outfit is super hot but this shirt is hotter to us dudes, trust me.

(Heat Won Season Series 3-1)
(Best of 7, 2-2-1-1-1 Format)

The Heat have never faced the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA playoffs, until now. Miami won three of the four regular season meetings between the two teams. The series kicks off this weekend and the first two games will be played on Bayside, home of the NBA's most loyal fans (eat it Internet, it's Science!).

We could sit here and breakdown the supposed ways the Bucks could possibly give the Heat trouble, but frankly, that would be a waste of time -- the Miami Heat will be all-time favorites in this series. We are talking Captain Crunchberries over Mueslix type favorites here, people.

Miami is expected to sweep Milwaukee and rest up even further for its next opponent. If Milwaukee pulls off a win in the series, it would be news, if they pulled off two wins in the series it would be a miracle, and if they beat the Heat, it would be my computer and television in the canal.

Prediction: Heat Win Series 4-0

Biggest Threat In The East
New York Knicks
(New York Won Season Series 3-1)

While the two teams can't meet until the Eastern Conference Finals, as it stands today the New York Knicks look to be the biggest threat in the East to the Miami Heat's crown. The Knicks must first get past the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs, which no matter the circumstances is never an easy task. The Indiana Pacers also sit on the Knicks side of the bracket, another foe that can't be over looked as a potential Heat opponent in the near future.

Led by Carmelo Anthony and a host of three-point-jacking side kicks, the Knicks would no doubt be oozing swag if they were to make it all the way to the East Finals. Health is by far the Knicks biggest issue, as half of their team is old enough to be Norris Cole's dad. The Knicks took the first two games from the Heat early in the season when the Heat were still in "cruise control mode". The Heat would later dominate the Knicks in the third meeting, one that felt like a statement game by the Heat, followed by the Knicks winning the season finale while the Heat were already in their "Maintenance Spogram."

Of course, we are assuming the Miami Heat themselves make it all the way to the East Finals, something that is not assured. Let's just go ahead and make that assumption though, because I doubt you want to read about how the Knicks and Bucks might match up in the Conference Finals.

Prediction: The Heat play Indiana in the ECF, not the New York Knicks.

Biggest Sleeper In The East
Indiana Pacers
(Indiana Won Season Series 2-1)

While ESPN is busy calculating Carmelo Anthony point averages and filling 15 minutes of their show with Miami Heat Flying Death Machine highlights, the Indiana Pacers are the snake in the grass in the East. You saw the series against the Heat last season, so you know just how crazy it gets come playoff time at their house. Assuming the New York Knicks, who haven't won a playoff series since 2000, just blow by the Pacers in their half of the bracket is beyond careless.

The Pacers have the perimeter defense to frustrate Carmelo Anthony, as well as the 7-foot center to match up with Tyson Chandler down low. The teams tied the season series two games all, with Indiana beating the Knicks by 34 points in February holding Carmelo to 15 points on 7-21 shooting. Indiana won't be laying down for the Knicks, just like they didn't lay down against the Heat last season.

Prediction: Indiana loses to Miami in the ECF 4-1, and it's "chippy" again.

Biggest Threat In The West
Possible NBA Finals Opponent
Oklahoma City Thunder
(Heat Won Season Series 2-0)

So what do you say Heat fans, you ready to do this damn thing all over again? Get your ass out to the Triple-A this post season and let loose. Give a shit about what you look like. Give a shit about work tomorrow. Care nothing about losing your voice. Wear the whitest white you got. You matter, and this is your time to shine. People wanna tear you down and say Miami Heat fans are somehow lesser fans, well here is your chance to shut them up. Get there early. Take it personal. Support and enjoy what very likely will be the greatest team you root for in your entire life. Young or old, chances are it doesn't get any better than what you have right in front of your face, right now, at this moment -- so go out and show the world how Miami gets down.


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