RNC 2012: Jon Voight Says "[Obama] Downgraded Us Economically and Militarily"

Jon Voight doesn't trust the media. And he certainly doesn't trust the current administration. The 73-year-old actor is in Tampa this week, exploiting the last drop of celebrity blood left in him to bash President Obama's first term and encourage the American public to vote for Mitt Romney in November.

But what's his reasoning? Riptide caught up with Voight at the Republican National Convention to find out what the star of masterpieces like Superbabies: Baby Geniuses II can tell us about economic policy.

Voight had just wrapped up an interview inside Google's media center in the Tampa Convention Center, an inviting, tech-centric space were members of the press congregate to file reports from the comfort of fiberglass pods and modular furniture. The actor accused President Obama of single-handedly "downgrading" United States. 

"He's downgraded us economically and militarily," Voight told a crowd of reporters. "And four more years of this, we'll be cornered." 

Riptide approached Voight to try to get more answers. He was not interested in elaborating.

"Who are you?" Voight barked at us." Are you a journalist? Are you a photographer?"

He stalked off before we could get any more answers. That's all the Voight wisdom we'll get today, apparently. 

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