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He's our man!

Let's face it: Miami Police Chief John Timoney is dead meat. Sure he apologized for taking an SUV from Lexus of Kendall without paying. And maybe he didn't cook the books on crime, as city police officers contend. But whether chiefy baby likes it or not, last week's no-confidence vote by the Miami force is just too much for any law-abiding citizen.

So we have a modest proposal: Fire the Irishman and hire Ken Jenne. The just retired Broward Sheriff has baggage, but he also boasts experience. The BSO is much bigger than the Miami PD -- and Kenny boy has done a fine job cleaning up the place. Hell, he's even a crack consultant. (We should probably make sure he promises to tell the IRS if he continues this biz.) Unlike John Timoney, Jenne never alienated our largest minority group by drunkenly proclaiming “Fuck the Cubans.” Plus, Kenny won't need the car allowance or those bonus amenities that got Timoney in trouble; he'll be in federal detention.

Indeed, Jenne is a crack political player and former prosecutor who could keep Miami commissioners off balance. And that's really what the Miami police chief must do, right? So we ask you, Miami City Manager Pete Hernandez: Why not give the short, bald guy a shot? -- Chuck Strouse

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