Right After A-Rod Found Out His Steroid Secrets Were Coming Out He Posed For Some Pretty Pictures

By now we all know what Alex Rodriguez was doing on the morning of February 5. He was working out at the University of Miami like he always does. A pre-spring training ritual that on any other morning would have been hardly worth noting, but this was the morning when intrepid Sports Illustrated reporter Selena Roberts arrived after trying to track A-Rod down all through out Miami. This was the morning she informed him she had confirmed with four independent sources that he had indeed tested positive for steroids during his time with the Texas Rangers and planned to publish the accusations. This was the morning any other sports mega-star, after years of denying steroid use, would prepare for crises management mode. But not Alex Rodriguez. No, after dodging one journalist, he meet up for an interview with another. 

Details scribe Jason Gay sat down with the slugger, and couldn't have known the media circus that would spring up around Rodriguez in the coming 48 hours. Instead he pitched relative soft balls. "So, what's the deal with you and Madonna" or "Why does everyone kind of hate you?" type stuff. The next morning Rodriguez awoke for a photo shot with famed fashion photog Steven Klein (currently Madonna's lens-man of choice, by the by), and didn't think it foolish at all to pose for a picture in which he seemingly is ready to lean into his own mirror image for a smooch. After all that, it seems Rodriguez did second guess himself. He called Gay to clear something up -- oh, maybe about some forth coming allegation -- no he just didn't want his favorite Madonna song published. Less than two days after the interview, Robert's bombshell of a report dropped.

But that's A-Rod for you. The supremely talented athlete who's seemingly deaf, dumb and blind when it comes to working the media and the public. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.