Ricky Williams Doesn't Rule Out Return to Dolphins or Move to Jets

Despite holding no verbal punches while ripping apart coach Tony Sparano and his former teammates last month, Ricky Williams won't rule out a return to the Miami Dolphins next season. The 33-year-old running back may be near the twilight of his interesting (to say the least) career, but he appeared on Sid Rosenberg's WQAM show yesterday and claims he's hopeful he'll be playing somewhere next year. He hasn't thought about where yet but did talk, at Rosenberg's probing, about a return to the Dolphins or, ugh, a move to the Jets.

"I got a good idea of the right formula for me to stay healthy, to stay happy, and to stay successful," Williams said. "And if I can do those things, I want to keep playing this game."

Then Rosenberg decided to role out a nightmare scenario in which Williams takes his talents to New Jersey.

"Can I give you one scenario?," asked Rosenberg. "Jason Taylor may be leaving the Jets. He's got a beautiful apartment in the city. So my thing is, being that Jason's wife and your wife are good friends, she should call her tonight and say, 'Listen, don't rent the apartment. Maybe I can use it next year.' The Jets are not going to pay LaDainian Tomlinson $3 million. They've got two young guys in Shonn Greene and Joe McKnight. They need a veteran presence. What better... who more cultured than Ricky Williams to spend a year in New York City?"

"OK. I'm going to try to think, what would [agent] Drew [Rosenhaus] say right now?" replied Williams. "Drew would say, 'You know what, buddy? You've got a lot of options. Keep an open mind. I'm going to talk to a bunch of teams. But, right now, don't close any doors."

Which at least indicates that if Williams were shooting from the hip, his first instinct would be to close the door on the Jets.

As for whether or not Williams may return to Miami: "I think there's definitely a possibility."

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