Rick Scott's New Spanish Radio Ad: "He Cuts Taxes 40 Times... GOOOOOOOALL!"

Rick Scott, a man who ran the first time around on a later abandoned platform of bringing Arizona-style immigration laws to Florida, is now desperate to get the Hispanic vote in November. Someone at Scott reelection HQ noticed that Hispanics tend to like soccer, and with this whole World Cup thing going on, his Let's Get to Work committee decided to release a soccer-themed, Spanish-language radio ad chock full of clichés.

We're not going to say it's aggressively dumb and pandering even for a political ad. We'll just let you listen for yourself.

Here's the English language translation from Post on Politics:

ANNOUNCER #1: We are at the beginning of this extremely important match for Florida.

ANNOUNCER #2: On one end, Charlie Crist, who abandoned us as Governor when things got difficult. On the other end the current governor, Rick Scott, who keeps working to get the state's economy on the right track.

ANNOUNCER #1 : Crist is issued a red card ... (Whistle blows) ... For worrying more about his political future than about us. With Crist, 800,000 jobs were lost in Florida. Here comes Rick Scott through the center, focused on fixing the mess Crist left. He cuts taxes 40 times for Floridians! Scott advances and scores a GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!

ANNOUNCER #2: 600,000 jobs created in the private sector under Scott in only three and a half years. The highlights of this match. Charlie Crist, 800,000 private sector jobs lost. Rick Scott, 600,000 private sector jobs created.

ANNOUNCER #1: With Rick Scott, let's keep working!

ANNOUNCER #3: Sponsored by Let's Get to Work

According to exit polls, Scott actually narrowly won the Hispanic vote in 2010 by two percentage points. This time around, he's not doing so well. A recent Public Policy Polling poll found Scott and Charlie Crist deadlocked at 42 percent each. That's one of Scott's best polling results in months among all voters. However, only 25 percent of Hispanics say they'd vote for Scott, compared to 46 percent for Crist. Twenty-nine percent are undecided.

If Scott has any chance of winning reelection those numbers have got to improve.

News that his top Latino fundraiser quit the campaign earlier this year in part because two campaign workers were speaking in over-the-top Mexican accents, nor renewed interest in a now-settled lawsuit claiming that a a company Scott previously owned discriminated against Hispanic workers with strong accents probably don't help.

Maybe a radio ad with someone shouting "GOOOOOOOAL!" will?

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