Rick Scott Wrote a Book That Features a Flo Rida Profile but Won't Admit To It

Gov. Rick Scott has found time in his busy schedule to write a book. It's called Chasing Sunshine: Remarkable People Who Found the American Dream in Florida.

One of those people happens to be Tramar Dillard, AKA the rapper Flo Rida, AKA the guy who had a number one song that started with the lyrics, "Can you blow my whistle baby, whistle baby."

Scott has been rumored to be penning a book, but according to Naked Politics he's said it wouldn't come out until after the November election. Which seems weird, because who is going to want to read a book by a one-term governor who is no longer in office, right?

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Amazon.com however says the book is scheduled to come out on April 15th, and the site is already taking pre-orders.

Here's part of the description:

As the port of entry for America's first dreamers, Florida has become one of the last American frontiers for anyone with a good idea, the willingness to work, and the courage to try. It's where ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Governor Rick Scott personally invites you to take a walk on the sunny side of life in Chasing Sunshine. Inside these pages are the fascinating stories of remarkable Floridians who have shaped--and been shaped by--the Great State of Florida. You'll meet people like George Burgess, the world's foremost shark expert; Gladys Rubio, hurricane chaser; Tramar Dillard, best known by his rap persona, Flo Rida; and Mary Ann Carroll, one of the original Florida Highwaymen artists.

No word on whether Scott personally called up Flo to interview him or if it's just a write around.

The book is co-authored by Heidi Tyline King. She's also written or co-written such noted tomes as Baby Rooms, Simplicity Pet Treats, and

I Ain't Never Been Nothing but a Winner: Coach Paul Bear Bryant's 323 Greatest Quotes.

Despite the listing, Scott's office still tells Naked Politics that the book won't be coming out until after November. Why would someone write a book that's clearly campaign material and then lie about it not coming out during a campaign?

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