Rick Scott Still Doesn't Even Have a Short List for Lt. Gov.

Governor Rick Scott will be in Miami tonight to grab dinner with former Gov. Jeb Bush, Board of Education chairman Gary Chartrand and State Senator John Thrasher. Of course, John Thrasher has been touted lately as a possible replacement for ex-Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll.

Though, Scott's staff says tonight's dinner is in no way a lieutenant governor job interview, and that even though the position has been open since March, Scott still hasn't even bothered to put together a short list.

A Tampa Bay Times column over the weekend theorized that Thrasher, a former speaker of the house and solid conservative, is by far the safest bet. Steve MacNamara, Scott's former chief-of-staff has also said that Thrasher would be the best man for the job.

PolitiJax reports that Thrasher will be at the big power-dinner tonight in Miami, but both Scott's side and Thrasher himself has denied there's been any talks about the lieutenant governor role.

"Governor Scott will take the right amount of time necessary to select the right person," current Scott chief-of-staff Adam Hollingsworth told Politijax. "There is not short list. News reports to the contrary are factually inaccurate."

Thrasher has previously said he hasn't talked to anyone about the job.

Of course, Thrasher is a powerful Tallahassee player and served for a bit as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida after Jim Greer resigned. So it's not unusual that he'd be breaking bread with Scott and Jebbers.

Scott really may be taking his sweet time finding a new lieutenant governor. Of course, it's not like the holder of the job has any responsibilities, and indeed Scott is under no constitutional requirements to pick a replacement to fill out Carroll's term. Though, at the very least he will have to name a running mate at some point.

For the time being Attorney General Pam Bondi would become governor if Scott were to kick the bucket or resign.

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