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Rick Scott, Once Connected to Mexican Playboy, Criticizes Charlie Crist Over Strip Club Donations

Charlie Crist took campaign donations from owners of a strip club, and Rick Scott's campaign is kicking up a fuss about it.

Which is really actually funny because back in 2010 Rick Scott had to fend off criticism about his business connections to the Mexican edition of Playboy.

What a strange bunch of boobs.

The current hubbub arose because SB Productions Inc. out of Hollywood, Florida, sent a check of $30,000 to a Crist-aligned PAC, while J.W. Lee Properties LLC sent the same PAC $10,000. Both donations were made last year.

Both companies are owned by Brandon Samuels, John Blanke, and William Beasley, and J.W. Lee Properties happens to operate Scarlett's Cabaret in Hallendale Beach.

"It looks like Charlie Crist is in bed with some unsavory characters once again," said Rick Scott for Florida spokesperson Greg Blair in a statement. "On a desperate hunt for campaign cash, he's calling up Jim Greer's old friends, who - big surprise - have legal troubles of their own ... When everyone around him seems to end up in prison, we don't expect anything else from a corrupt politician like Charlie Crist."

For the record, the Orlando Sentinel can find no connections between the donors and former Republican Party of Florida chairman Jim Greer and isn't quite sure why Scott's team is trying to draw Greer's name into this.

What is kind of amusing is that Scott has also had connections to businesses profiting off of naked woman before.

As recently as 2010, Scott had owned 13.8 percent interest in, a social networking site that targets Hispanics. While Scott had an ownership interest in the site, partnered with Playboy Mexico. Users could vote on which woman they'd like to see pose nude as the "Cyber Chica of the Month."

Those attacks over Scott's tenuous Playboy connection interestingly did not come Democrats, but rather from his 2010 Republican primary opponent Bill McCollum. McCollum also attacked Scott over the fact that had sections on the site related to gay dating.

Scott's 2010 campaign was mostly self-funded, meaning it was paid for buy his own business interests, including his interest in

Which is to say, this is Florida, somehow, someway, just about every politician is gonna use a campaign dollar that was earned from boobs in one way or another.

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