Richie Incognito Wants to Return to Dolphins: Here's Why He Won't

After checking into an Arizona mental health facility last month, Richie Incognito is finally out and talking to the media again. Last night he told WSVN that he not only wants to return to the football field next season, but he wants to do so in Dolphins teal and coral.

"Returning to the Dolphins was my number one goal from the time I got suspended," he told the station. "I want to return to the community in Miami and resume my playing career as soon as possible."

Yeah, that's probably not going to happen, and here's why.

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The Stadium Deal

Owner Stephen Ross has been trying to push for renovations to Sun Life Stadium for years now, and is pushing his latest compromise that involves turning over ownership of the stadium to the county. The outcome of that proposition rests a great deal on public and county official sentiment, meaning he probably wants to put this locker room soap opera situation as far behind the team as possible. Besides, back in January Ross said he couldn't imagine a scenario that saw Incognito coming back to the team anyway.

Everyone Else is Gone

The team has already fired their offensive line coach and head athletic trainer for their part in the fiasco. Sure, Incognito's cohorts John Jerry and Mike Pouncey remain employed, but its unlikely the Fins would welcome Incognito back after firing people who had less to do with the situation than he did.

He's a Free Agent Anyway

His contract with the Dolphins is up regardless of the situation, so it's not like the team is leaving anything on the table by not bringing him back.

He's Already Had His Second Change

It was just this past summer in which NFL.com published a profile of Incognito that painted him as new man. One who enjoyed meditation, listened to Lana Del Rey and popped Prozac. That new image of course didn't last for long. He's had troubles before. He's tried to say he's changed before. It didn't happen.

New GM

Dennis Hickey is just month into the job, and there are still questions swirling over how right for the role he really is? Do you really think he wants to test himself by managing Incognito's return to the locker room?

Incognito very well might return to the NFL next season. Just don't expect it to be with the Fins.

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