Richie Incognito Needs to Toughen Up and Take Being Called Racist Like a Real Man

Apparently it's more controversial in America to call a white man a racist than it is to call a black man a "n*gger."

When it came to light that Richie Incognito had bullied Jonathan Martin until he walked out of the Dolphins facilities to seek help, the word from inside NFL locker rooms (often on condition of anonymity) was that Martin was "soft" and needed to "toughen up." When we learned Incognito's bullying included racial slurs, people started calling the guard a racist. Then several of his teammates, past and present, came out of the woodwork to claim that was false.

The message we're getting is that when an NFL player is called a racist name in the locker room, it's all, "Pussy needs to toughen up." But when one gets called a racist, it's all, "Whoa, whoa, whoa guys. Let's consider our words and be civil about it."

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Kyle Munzenrieder