Richardson Is Out, and Manny Diaz Supporters See an In

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson withdrew from his commerce secretary appointment over the weekend owing to allegations that a company which donated to his presidential run was unfairly awarded a hefty state contract. Damn you, Rod Blagojevich, you've gone and made everyone extrasensitive about political taint. 

Richardson was Obama's highest-profile Hispanic cabinet pick, and some groups are eager to see another Latin American get the nod. The League of United Latin American Citizens quickly submitted a list of potential replacements, according to Politico, and guess whose name is on it? Mayor Manny Daiz! 

Diaz has so far had his name unsuccessfully thrown about to head the Department of Transportation, Homeland Security, HUD, and the Office of Urban Policy. Quite a renaissance man this Mayor Diaz; apparently he can do anything (except actually land the jobs).  

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