Jennifer Nicole Lee

Return to Ocean Drive

Jennifer Nicole Lee has legs of Rebar. When the tall model and Fiu Fiu! swimwear designer stamped a high-heeled foot in protest of Monday night's choking humidity, her limb rippled the way a girder dropped from a forklift hits the (soon to be nearby) Home Depot parking lot -- it rippled but did not bend.

Lee, hardbodied in the manner of Madonna circa the Girlie Show tour, was otherwise unfazed by heat nor crowd as she readied her collection for modeling. Sensing her patter about bikinis was falling upon folded ears, Lee quickly pulled out a more acceptable, pre-ripped pair of black yoga pants, offering the advice: "You could wear these to workout, or walk the dogs, and then go right to a club."

The Bitch smiled at that, and continued twinkling privately over her amazement at, after a Siberia-like exile, being reunited with one of her favorite alcohol-serving capitalist commissars, fete-master publisher Jerry Powers.

The fashion show/party, in honor of Ocean Drive's 370-page fall fashion issue (which actually entails a concentric circle of many multiple parties), was in a delightfully unexpected, off the Beach (and therefore closer to The Bitch's den) at the Wyndham Grand Bay on Bayshore Drive. As the dog trotted down the hill on Darwin Street, she cast a suspicious eye for signs of police (chief) activity across the street at Miami City Hall, but detecting none, entered the Wyndham's terraced veranda without being apprehended.

As OD parties go, this one was pretty good in the way The Bitch remembered -- plenty of snacks and free-flowing alcohol -- and the Grand Bay is a good place to hold a party, with several levels, numerous planters and staircases, and enough exits and passageways to ensure no encounters with guests inclined to be less than hospitable. (Of which, of course, there were none.) -As told to Jean Carey

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.