Retired Chiropractor Caught Videotaping and Talking Dirty to Young Girls in Hialeah Store

Jonathan Davis, a retired chiropractor, was caught in a Hialeah Burlington Coat Factory stalking young girls. Davis recorded images of the girls, touched himself inappropriately, and got the attention of the young girls to say things like, "You can't have a butt that nice when you're 8." Hialeah police are searching for other potential victims.

Davis was spotted by a security guard in the Hialeah store in March. The guard began filming him with the store's surveillance camera. CBS4 has obtained some of that footage:

Davis is seen with his smartphone's camera recording light on as he pretends to talk on it. He can also be seen crouching and creeping through the toy section hoping to attract the attention of young girls. He'd make "cat calls" to get the girls attention. Often he'd have his hands on his private parts and would make lewd comments to the girl.

CBS4 says Davis may have exhibited similar behavior throughout other South Florida stores, and has already been charged with lewd and lascivious behavior at a KMart in Hollywood. After police received a warrant they found more than 80 videos of young girls on his phone. He's currently out on bond.

Anyone who believes their child may have been a victim is asked to call Hialeah police at 305-863-5353.

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