Retire Now, Luis Gonzalez!

The Marlins shoulda creamed the St Louis Cardinals last night. They didn't.

The reason: Luis Gonzalez sucks.

The Marlins 31-year-old left fielder came up three times with runs in scoring position ..and made three outs. The bases were loaded. There were two guys on base. He's supposed to be the godfather of this team....and he screwed his godchildren.

Granted one of these -- a drive to left center field -- was caught in an astounding play by Joe Mather. And granted the guy is hitting an impressive .571 with bases loaded.

But that really doesn't matter. Because of his mistakes, we lost ground against both the Mets and the Phils. His final out of the game -- he was 0 for 5 batting in the second position -- was the last straw. He left two guys on base, thus snuffing out the last rally.

So I say it now. Quit, Luis!

Chuck Strouse

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