Residents of Coastal Areas Shrug off Hurricane Preparedness

Every year, the media works itself up over any odd cloud formation, and more often than not, it turns out to be nothing. It's almost like the boy who cried wolf, in that the hoopla so often turns out to be nothing and then when a real storm hits, residents of vulnerable areas are caught off-guard. 

With hurricane season less than four days away, Mason-Dixon polling surveyed people living in coastal areas vulnerable to hurricanes and found that the overwhelming majority of them aren't prepared. 

  • 83 percent said they have not taken any steps in the past year to make their homes stronger, even after last year's active season. 
  • 66 percent have no hurricane survival kit. 
  • 62 percent don't feel vulnerable to a hurricane or related tornado or flooding. 
  • 55 percent do not have a family disaster plan.

If you were in the area in 1992 -- or even in 2005, for that matter -- we don't have to remind you that big storms do actually hit, and things go much more smoothly if you're prepared.

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Kyle Munzenrieder