Republican Party of Florida Demands "A Full Investigation to Find out Who Is Behind" Dumb Hitler YouTube Meme

In a move only slightly less stupid than demanding that the persons responsible for LOLCats, Chuck Norris facts, or "All your base are belong to us" be brought to justice, the Republican Party of Florida has issued a statement demanding "a full investigation to find out who is behind" that dumb Charlie Crist-flavored reiteration of a popular YouTube meme involving a scene from Downfall we told you about yesterday.

Sadly, though, it seems no one in Tallhassee reads Riptide (probably because we are not linked on the Sayfie Review, and as the Sayfie Review continually tells us, the movers and shakers in Tallahassee read things only linked on the Sayfie Review), and they missed our post informing everyone this is just a dumb Internet meme and everyone should just chill out. 

Seriously, there are hundreds of allegedly humorous iterations of this redubbing of a scene from Downfall. There's "Hitler finds out he's got herpes," "Hitler finds out there is no Santa," and "Hitler finds out that they cancelled Hannah Montana." And lo and behold, some Internet geniuses have realized they could take this meme and use it for political effect and LOLs. There's "Hitler finds out that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen," "Hillary's [as Hitler] downfall," and "Hitler finds out Sarah Palin resigns."

No disrespect to Dr. Jeffrey Feingold, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida's Jewish Leadership Council, who wrote the statement. Riptide understands Hitler humor is a touchy subject, but whoever made this wasn't trying to insinuate Charlie Crist is actually Hitler or make light of the Holocaust. 

It was just some guy with a bit too much time on his hands jumping on a tired Internet fad, which is the same thing that could be said for roughly 75 percent of the non-porn Internet. And demanding an investigation just makes the GOP look silly and out of touch. Come on, as we noted, even the New York Times wrote an article about the fad

And if the Republicans do find out who made the video, what are they going to do? Demand a public apology? Sorry, we have freedom of speech here, and that covers most dumb YouTube videos. This is America, not, well, Nazi Germany. 

Oh right, there's some insinuation Marco Rubio or his staff is somehow behind it, and the RPOF is eager to see him shamed out of the race. Sorry, but the only Internet meme Marco Rubio is aware of is this weird idea of "conservatism" propagated by the likes of RedState.com.

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Kyle Munzenrieder