Republican Party of Florida Accused of Witch Hunt to Purge Party Members

Republican Party of Florida chair Jim Greer has unabashedly hitched his ship to the HMS Charlie Crist. More conservative party leaders in the state are not too happy with the RPOF's early support of their chosen candidates, and now Brevard County Republican leader Jason Steele is accusing the party of a "witch hunt." 

Last month, Steele made waves by announcing his local party wouldn't support the primary endorsements of the state party. He now claims, "RPOF has begun a purge of independent-minded Republican leaders throughout the state." The Buzz has his full letter

Steele cites the removal of party activist Deon Long from his precinct committee post earlier this month.

Deon Long, one of the state's most influential African-American leaders, was recently removed and banned for life from participating in Republican Party activities, after he spoke out criticizing party bigwigs for their attacks on Republican Liberty Caucus leader Will Pitts.  

"This is the kind of witch hunt that will only serve to purge loyal conservative Republicans and make room for cronies who will tow the line behind party fat cats and their pet candidates," said Brevard chairman Jason Steele. "In a time when we are working so hard at the local level to expand the outreach of the conservative message, we need leaders like Deon and Will Pitts and a hundred others. This is not the time to stifle debate by silencing the real leaders of our party."

The RPOF responded, "Deon Long was not permanently removed from the party. He was removed from holding a leadership position for a period of four years by the unanimous recommendation of the grievance committee. He was given the opportunity to appear before the committee to present his case and chose not to."

Long was also accused of bouncing checks and running the Florida Federation of Black Republicans, which he was president of, into the ground. 

Of course, with how wacky some Republicans have been acting lately, who can blame even the Republican party for wanting to get ride of them? 

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