Republican House Leader Welcomes Bleach Blonde Anti-Islam Dutch Politician To Florida

The Security Council of Florida's website proudly heralds the key speaker of its upcoming Free Speech Summit as "Banned in London, Indicted in Holland, Guilty in Jordan, Welcome in Florida." Charming.

Geert Wilder has indeed been banned in London, indicted in Holland and found guilty in Jordan, but I wouldn't say he's being welcome with open arms by all Floridians. Wilder is a Dutch politician who heads the right-wing nationalist Party for Freedom. His domestic politics err towards the populist, but it's his views on Islam that are almost as offensive as his bleach blonde hair. He's called for the Koran to be banned in Holland, has called Mohammed the Devil, and believes that all Islamic immigrants should be paid to leave.

Unsurprisingly, Islamic groups aren't thrilled by Wilder's appearance scheduled for April 27th in Delray Beach. They're even less thrilled that Adam Hasner, the Republican Florida House Majority Leader is on the hosting committee. The Florida chapter of Council on American-Islam Relations called for Hasner to dissociate himself from the event.

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Kyle Munzenrieder