Report: Ray Allen to Visit With Heat on Thursday

Are you ready to see the Celtics' Ray Allen in a Heat jersey? There's been mutterings that he may be interested in jumping from one Eastern Conference powerhouse to another for weeks, but now the Associated Press is reporting that Allen will visit with the Heat on Thursday.

The member of the Celtic's original Big Three and ten-time All Star is looking for a place to spend his last few years in the league, and it appears the 36 year-old would still like another ring. The Heat don't exactly have the most money to throw around, but his decision to visit with the team suggests that may not be a total deterrent.

There's no word yet on whether Mike Miller will return next year, and Allen's skill set would be a nice replacement, if not an improvement. He's a three-point master. Indeed, he holds the record for most career three-pointers in the league's history. And the Heat's big three tends to flourish when role players are hitting threes. The AP points out the team was 9-1 in the playoffs when the team made at least 8 three-pointers a game.

Allen, like the Heat's Big Three, might have to accept a lesser contract than he'd get elsewhere if he signed with the Heat.

They have a mini mid-level exemption, and could offer Allen a contract worth just over $3 million-a-year, similar to what Shane Battier got last season.

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