Report on Florida GOP's Golf Cart Full of Hookers Scandal to Remain Sealed

Sorry, guys. We won't be getting any more info on the rumors that top Republican Party of Florida officials held a fundraising shindig in the Bahamas that featured a golf cart full of hookers. At least not anytime soon, it seems. A court today blocked the release of investigative reports into the matter.

The incident first came to light as part of the ongoing investigation of former RPOF chair Jim Greer (he's alleged to have embezzled money from the party). Allegations flew back and forth that Greer held a private "men's only" trip to the Bahamas for top Republican donors. Greer, GOP operative Johnson, then-Governor Charlie Crist, lobbyist Brian Ballard, and GOP finance chair Harry Sergeant were all said to be in attendance. Top female officials in the party were said to be left in the dark.

"I specifically saw a golf cart with young ladies drive by, the extent of why they were there I did not specifically know," Johnson testified in a deposition released as part of the Greer trial. "But I could presume they were prostitutes."

Investigators had compiled a report on the incident, and in July, Orlando Judge Marc Lubet ruled that it should be made public according to The Miami Herald.

An anonymous petitioner however demanded that the report remain private, and the Fifth District Court of Appeal ruled today to keep it private. 

"The documents should not be disseminated and should remain confidential at this time," read their ruling.

Greer's trial is set for February. The report could eventually be made public if it is entered as evidence in the trial.

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