Report: Jeff Atwater To Announce CFO Bid Tuesday

So the game of political musical chairs continues. The Orlando Sentinel says current senate President Jeff Atwater is going to throw his hat into the CFO ring on Tuesday. 

Atwater, a Republican from North Palm Beach, served in the state house from 2001-2003 and has been in the senate since then. Before seeking a seat in the legislature he served as  chairman, president and CEO of the Barnett Bank of Broward County and the Treasure Coast. He also served as Market President of Riverside National Bank for Palm Beach and Broward counties. He's respected amongst his colleagues as an expert on financial issues. 

Current CFO Alex Sink, a Democrat, also has a background in banking. She served as a president of Bank of America, and headed the company's Florida operations. She's leaving the post to seek the Governor's mansion. 

Did you fall asleep, yet? I know most of you do not care about these political things this early, but look, someone gets elected CFO one cycle, the next they're your governor, then they run for President or get appointed to the cabinet or something. Well, this probably won't happen in Atwater's case, but still he could be in charge of our money, which is something we all should care about. 

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Kyle Munzenrieder