Rep. Zapata Calls for Mayor Bower to Resign. Oh Wait, Just Kidding

So, last month, during one of those long, drawn-out, often-surreal meetings that local political bodies tend to have, Miami Beach Mayor Matti Herrera Bower said something that could be construed as anti-Colombian: 

''The drug dealers have a lot of money too.They're from Colombia; they're making all the money. They

can come out and rent for three months or one week.''

Which doesn't necessarily imply all Colombians are drug dealers, just that all drug dealers are Colombian. Admittedly a stupid comment, and after being called out for it during the meeting, Bower apologized. Even (most) mayors resemble something like actual people, and people say stupid things off the cuff. Bower has done it before.

Weeks later, state Rep. Juan Zapata got wind of it and said Bower should consider resigning. Then after a long talk with the mayor, Zapata decided to back down.

Shouldn't those long, apparently heartfelt talks come before calling for someone to resign? I suppose not if you want your name in the news.

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