Rep. Joe Garcia Wants You To Know He Was Not Eating His Own Ear Wax

Joe Garcia's life is like some less funny congressional version of Curb Your Enthusiasm. He keeps getting caught in these dumb embarrassing situations, and then we imagine this music plays.

After video of him apparently eating ear wax live on C-SPAN 2 went viral yesterday, he went to Twitter to explain the situation.

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Ah, that damn C-SPAN paparazzi, always trying to catch elected members of congress doing their job on camera.

This is just the latest embarrassing moment for Garcia. He made TMZ last year for apparently looking at a woman in a thong on the beach. There was also that hilarious time his chief-of-staff and a top strategist resigned after getting caught submitting fraudulent absentee ballot requests. Classic Garica.

We just wonder what shenanigans ol' Joe will get into next?

Being photographed with toilet paper on his shoe after coming out of the bathroom during a correspondents' dinner?

Accidentally calling Nancy Pelosi "mom" on the House Floor?

Somehow losing to David Rivera in the next election?

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