Rep. Carlos Curbelo Hospitalized After Christmas Day Hoverboard Crash
Photo by DanielPetkov via WikiCommons

Rep. Carlos Curbelo Hospitalized After Christmas Day Hoverboard Crash

Hoverboards were the number one gift for children of wealthy parents this holiday season, and a young member of Rep. Carlos Curbelo's family was no exception. Curbelo's nephew got a shiny new machine for Christmas, but when Uncle Carlos took it for a spin, he wound up in the hospital. 

The Republican congressman ended up breaking his arm and spent part of Christmas Day in the emergency room of the Baptist Health South Florida. 

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Curbelo broke the news himself via Twitter. 

Curbelo, a former member of the Miami-Dade School Board, is serving his first term in Congress, but this isn't his first health woe since taking office. This past summer, the congressman came down with a stifling case of whooping cough. 

He shouldn't feel too bad about the hoverboard wipeout, though. As Buzzfeed points out, dads across the country epically failed to master their kids' new toys. 

Curbelo, however, seems to be the only sitting member of Congress hit by the dads-failing-at-hoverboards epidemic. 

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