Relive All the Magic of the Canes' 7-6 Season

"Get your hot new DVDs of a franchise that used to be amazing and now is just kind of 'meh'! Right here! Only $20!"

"Oh, you've got Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?"

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"No, it's the highlight DVD of the Miami Hurricanes' 2008 football season."

Even AllCanes, the company hawking it, admits it's kind of a hard sell: "When you initially think of a 7-6 season, you assume there can't be too many highlights. On one level, I absolutely agree."

But, y'know, some of these freshmen might turn out to be superstars. AllCanes also says the locker room clips of Randy Shannon will reveal him as the true coaching great he's meant to be. We're still not seeing it, but you can judge for yourself from the clip above or the DVD.  

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