Reggie Bush Just "Confused" as He's Desperately Waiting for the Dolphins to Call

Listen, Reggie Bush. It's not you. It's the Miami Dolphins.

To put things in seasonal perspective: you're basically like someone whose gone a few good dates with someone, and right now you're waiting for the other person to call and make big plans for Valentine's Day. The Dolphins are that other person, and right now you're reportedly feeling "confused" as to why they haven't bothered to even offer you a contract for next season. You're even complaining about it on Twitter.

The report comes from Ben Volin of The Palm Beach Post:

A source close to Reggie Bush said this week that Bush still badly wants to return to Miami, and his camp is confused as to why the Dolphins haven't even made an offer yet.

The Dolphins expect big things out of Lamar Miller in his second year next season, and it's possible that even if Bush does return, he would have a limited role in the offense. But Bush, who was in Beijing last week as part of an NFL China initiative, has been essentially campaigning to return on his Twitter feed, particularly given a recent report that he is unlikely to be brought back. An example of the types of messages he has retweeted to his 2.75 million followers:

"RT @chefdruker: @MiamiDolphins we need @reggie_bush in Miami. Do what's right! He's a leader & that is worth the money!"

Bush has been productive, if not one of the few shining spots, for the Dolphins over his two season with the team. But the Dolphins just aren't sure if he really fits into their long-term plans. They've got a hot new prospect, and they're not sure committing to you with a big-time contract is a good idea.

There's never been any indication that the Dolphins wanted to extend the kind of money Bush might be able to get elsewhere, but reports theorized the Dolphins would at least try to offer him something. So far they haven't bothered.

So, yeah, basically it's a "It's not you, It's me" situation. Sorry Reggie, it happens to all of us at one time or another.

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Kyle Munzenrieder