Regalado Asks Feds To Investigate MPD Just As Police Union Pushes His Recall

​Still doubt that the beef between Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and his police chief Miguel Exposito has reached Biggie-vs-Tupac-ian heights? Here's some more kerosene to toss on the campfire: Regalado has just sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking him to investigate the killing of seven black men by Expo's force in the past year. 

Regalado's timing obviously has nothing to do with the police union's call the very same day to recall him, right?

In the letter (which you can read below), Regalado echoes an earlier request to the Department of Justice by U.S. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

He says a "lack of action" by the force after the shootings calls for a federal probe.

"An external investigation by the DOJ could provide the resources, expertise and independence to begin to transform the department," Regalado writes.

Fair enough. No one who has followed the past catastrophe of a year at MPD would argue that federal oversight might help.

But two questions, Tomas: Why send the letter the exact same day that the police and firefighters unions' chiefs ask their members to back your recall?

And second, what the hell did you back Tony Crapp giving an ex-FBI agent $20,000 in taxpayer money a few months ago to do a "full review" of the police department's policies -- only to report back dutifully that everything is AOK -- if you were just going to ask the feds to step in anyway?

Hopefully Eric Holder takes the request seriously despite those glaring question marks. Here's the full letter:

Regal Ado Letter

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