Real Estate Report: Miamians Want to Move to Other Parts of Florida, New Yorkers Want to Move to Miami

Real estate listing supersite Trulia has compiled its first Metro Movers Report, based on data culled from page views of its site. The report shows where Americans are looking to move and where they're looking to leave.

Apparently Miamians have no intention of departing our warm weather, but they would like to explore other Florida options. Meanwhile, not many other Floridians would like to move to Miami, but New Yorkers sure would.

The Metro Mover Index shows that for every Miamian looking at out-of-town listings on Trulia, only 0.82 out-of-towners are checking out real estate in Miami. That's not a good indication for future growth and is considerably lower than most other markets in Florida, but Trulia notes it's a better index than most major metro areas.

Here are the top ten for both metro areas with people looking to move to Miami, and metro areas where Miamians are thinking about moving to.

So where are Miamians considering moving to? Apparently not too far away. Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, and Orlando top the list. (Ugh, why would you do that to yourselves?) The only non-Florida areas in the top ten are the NYC area, Atlanta, and L.A.

Oddly, for as much as Miamians might want to live in other parts of Florida, most Floridians do not want to move to Miami. Except for Fort Lauderdalians and Palm Beachers, that is, but they've always been wannabe Miamians anyway. Two-thirds of people searching for homes in Miami through the site currently live more than 500 miles away.

Miami is apparently known as the sixth borough for a reason. We're the second most popular search option for New Yorkers looking to move out of their region, only behind L.A.

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