Reader: We Were Too Tough on Commissioner Sally Heyman

Before the New Year, Riptide reported that Miami-Dade Commissioner Sally Heyman had by far the worst meeting attendance record of any of her colleagues, missing 26 percent of the county's 65 legislative sessions. Miami Shores resident Richard Mason writes in to defend his commish:

I am responding to Gus Garcia-Roberts editorial on Miami-Dade County Commissioner Sally Heyman whereas he takes a shot at her on her absenteeism.

First, you won't find a county commissioner that is is more serious, dedicated and committed to her position than Sally Heyman. She is probably one of a few commissioners that reads all of the information that is in the mountain of documents that are dropped on the commissioners on a daily basis.

Commissioner Heyman suffered a serious foot injury this past year and has been forced for medical reason to miss a few commission meetings. But, we the people can be sure that she is reading the county documents while in the doctors office and under going treatments, so that she can make informed decisions when at county hall.

She has taken the tough stands on issues and opposed a lot of political pressure to vote for the people on many issues, because she is a strong and honest commissioner. That is why she has been reelected by the people in her district and is not part of any recall.

It is what a commissioner does when present that is important for the people of Miami-Dade County.

Well, we agree with that last sentence.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts