Reader mail: Occupy Miami has gone to hell

Occupy This Page!

Nice kids: Regarding Michael E. Miller's March 22 feature story, "Occupy Overtown": I just came across Occupy Miami two days ago, and from what I see, it is a beautiful thing and a movement that is backed up by strong supporters who mean well for their communities and what they stand for. There is a bit of mischievous activity, but it's nothing that will affect the neighborhood or kill anybody. Critics have blown the whole thing out of proportion.


Occupy Miami

Daniel Kampf

Messy kids: The problem with Occupy is that it rides the backs of middle-class people while it claims to support them. The land the protesters used for months in downtown had to be resodded and fixed up. They came to a nice green field and left a dead dirt lot. I didn't see any of them fixing it up. All I saw was working-class tax dollars going toward cleaning up after them. Explain the value in that?

Gabriel Reyes

Anti-dystopic kids: People like to call the Occupy movement a protest, and although it is, it is more so a vast social experiment. Occupiers are not necessarily activists proper, but generally they are individuals expressing a healthy discontent with the state of affairs in our beloved country.

The issues brought to light by this article and by the nationwide protest efforts are symptoms of a growing American dystopia. Nobody has the answers, and most people in this country are simply sleepwalking into an unclear future. But one thing is certain: Corporations. Rule. Everything. Around. Me.

Phil Ünder

Unemployed kids: If they all just got jobs, there would be nothing to write about, so keep up the good work — we wouldn't want to stop paying for your welfare, childcare, Section 8, food programs, and just generally having to pick up the tab of laziness. That's the America I know and the one these so-called protesters love.


Fringe kids: I guess this is why I never knew there still was an Occupy Miami movement. Any protest now is called an Occupy movement. And this Señor Paz is a good example of why it's become a fringe movement.


Good and bad kids: I was actually there not long ago writing a story for my journalism class. The Occupy movement was a beautiful idea in the beginning stages, inspired by the true revolutions of Egypt and Tunisia, but now it's just an annoyance to the communities.

But don't blame all the shadiness on the occupiers. Some are actually there because they believe in a brighter world ruled by the people. But the squatters and the bums screw it up for all of them.


This guy doesn't realize they're kids: How about the Miami police finally grow a pair and kick the dope-smoking, drug-taking, maggot-infested Occutards out of the building?! Do this all over the nation; the Occutards will scatter like rats until their god-king Pharaoh Bobo the Clown loses in a landslide in November.


Fans? You Call Them Fans?

Bad dancers, maybe: For all the haters who are bashing the new Marlins theme song as the "gayest thing you've ever heard" ("Fan Freakout," Tim Elfrink, March 22), I bet at some point in your life there's footage of you inebriated, singing at the top of your lungs, and dancing your best moves to the "Macarena" at your cousin's wedding! LOL!


Or pliable opportunists: The haters will be jumping all over the team once it starts winning, as Miami "fans" always do. Even the people bashing the new stadium and the overuse of taxpayer money will be screaming Marlins in due time.

Paul Hernandez

Here's a real fan: I've heard a lot of people say they think this is the worst song ever written. Really? I love it! I think it's very catchy! What the hell do you want from a theme song? Don't forget that all the whiny, gay-bashing comments from supposed fans of the Marlins don't represent all the folks going to the games. Most of these folks are hard-working, educated family people bringing the kids out to enjoy a bit of America's pastime. This song, along with every other team song on the planet, will probably never win a Grammy, but will it get the fans on their feet to cheer for a suffering franchise? I say yes! Maybe if some of you haters played it for your kids — unless the state has banned you from procreating — you could all learn how to spell. Whoever is behind writing this tune, damn the torpedoes! This is a fun, interactive song, a great story, as well as a beautiful cause. Best of luck to you!


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