Ray-Ray Armstrong Kicked Off Hurricanes Football Team

Senior safety Ray-Ray Armstrong has been kicked off the University of Miami football team for good. The school has not released an official reason why, but the move follows reports that he openly discussed interactions with a booster on Twitter. Apparently he didn't get the memo that the team is currently in a whole heap of trouble for players having improper interactions with a booster.

The school released the following statement today:

The University of Miami has dismissed senior Ray-Ray Armstrong from the football team. Armstrong can continue to be enrolled as a scholarship student at UM to complete his degree or the University will grant him a full release should he elect to transfer to another institution.

Armstrong was notified of the decision a couple of weeks ago and could have entered last week's NFL supplemental draft. So it appears that Armstrong may be transferring, however, his father tells The Miami Herald he has no idea what his son will do next.

It was about a month ago subscription website InsideTheU.com reported that Armstrong was in hot water for discussing interactions with a booster on Twitter. Those particular Tweets, which we assume would have been since deleted, didn't make their way to the media or blogosphere.

For Armstrong it appears to have been three strikes and your out. He was suspended for four games at the start of last season for being implicated in the Nevin Shapiro scandal but was ultimately cleared to play. He was also suspended from the FSU game for a questionable dinner he had with a friend who worked at a PR firm.

Other rumors floating around claim that the move may have been a result of the NCAA looking into that dinner.

You'd think the guy would have learned his lesson from the Shapiro scandal, but if the rumors are true it appears he was pressing his luck.

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