Rapture-Fearing Fort Myers Teen Loaded His Car with Guns, Arrested for Driving it to School

So, some stupid supposed-Christian out in California decided that last Saturday was going to bring the Rapture, and a lot of stupid people and stupid media outlets decided to spread his message so other stupid people could buy into it. As we all now know that Rapture never happened, but a bunch of stupid people did stupid things preparing it. Stupid people like 17-year-old Fort Myers, Florida boy Michael Boyko. He loaded up his Dodge Neon with tons of guns, but got arrested after bringing them to school.

Boyko, a student at Riverdale High School, bought into the rapture crap and decided to store three shotguns, a semi-automatic handgun, a revolver, two bayonets, gloves, a bottle of vodka, some Bud Light, bolt cutters, ski mask and tons of ammunition in his car. Apparently, he thought he'd need all of this to survive the rapture.

Boyko, for some reason, didn't unload the trove once Saturday came and went with the world remaining in tact. Then he showed up to school on Monday, but didn't need to as graduating seniors had no need to show up.

Someone saw him with a gun at school, and officials confronted him and searched his Neon.

When the assistant principal asked him if he had anything at school he shouldn't, Boyko replied, "Yes, a lot."

School officials were at first worried that Boyko may have been planning a school shooting, but he told police he was just concerned about the rapture.

He now faces 14 criminal charges. Which most sit fine with him, considering the rapture is now scheduled for sometime in October. What's a few felonies when the world is about to end soon, anyway?

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