Random Dolphins Crap

Some random crap for you this morning. Number one, from this moment on, Cam Cameron will be known as Turd Ferguson.


According to Pro Football Weekly, it seems Jason Taylor wants to get the fuck out of Dodge.

"We hear that the 11-year veteran, who has spent his entire career as a Dolphin, is bothered more than most players by the winless season and wants to go to a team that he deems a contender."

There used to be a time when a report like this was borderline kooky-talk. Now it seems realer by the day. Jason Taylor finishing his career in another uniform? As my Haitian friend Titus would say, "Dat's een-san-ah-tee!" But it could happen. Especially if Turd Ferguson sticks around. And that’s fine by me. Dude deserves a shot at a title. And he sure as shit ain't gonna find that shot here. My only concern is what would we get for him in return? A draft pick? Fine. But it seems to me that Randy Mueller was once a pretty decent GM. But he came here and suddenly he can’t tell a good football player from an inflamed hemorrhoid. So I'm not sure this would work to our benefit. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Elsewhere, Armando Salguero says we suck because Lemon and Beck suck. And that the Dolphins need to address the QB situation again -- multiple times if need be -- in the upcoming draft.

"The bottom line is this folks: Blame the receivers, blame the offensive line, blame the ravage of injuries to the running back corps if you wish. Miami's biggest problem, on offense, defense and special teams continues to be the quarterback position."

You know, we could have avoided all this had the Dolphins just read my shit to begin with. Last year I told Saban to get Brees, not Culpepper. This year I told Turd to stay away from Trent Green. I also told Turd to start John Beck sooner than he did so Beck could gain NFL-experience and we could properly evaluate him.

Fuck. Reading these two articles has completely ruined my day!

Also, my penis's day is completely ruined too. But for an entirely different reason. -- Chris Joseph

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