Rampaging Face-Eater Anesson Joseph Was Locally Known Hipster and Artist

Until the moment Anesson Joseph got naked Tuesday night and, in an apparent moment of insanity, allegedly chased, attacked, or bit several passersby before police shot him dead, he was a thoughtful West Palm Beach hipster who neither gave indication of what was to come nor had a criminal record.

He was just "Ano," documentarian, Starbucks barista, and avid Instagram user.

In an occurrence already riddled with unknowns, perhaps the most baffling question is what spurred this 28-year-old party organizer to do what he did? Just two years ago, according to state business records, he founded Nightlife University Parties & Events. And now he's dead in the most unusual of circumstances.

That contrast between his life and demise has left his friends as shocked as they are mournful. "This is not just 'some guy on drugs' who did something bad and hurt some people," one friend wrote in a message to New Times. "Someone did something or something happened or I don't know what caused this -- but all I can honestly say is this was not in his character."

The friend, who says he'd known Joseph since they were boys at Conninston Middle School in West Palm Beach, described him as "very intelligent" and "very compassionate." "He wanted to help people and cared about everyone."

The friend, who declined to identify himself, says for proof look no further than Joseph's work, strewn across his social media profiles.

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In the months before Joseph's rampage, he conveyed a dedication to his forthcoming indie documentary, Californiabushfires. "Motivated...," he wrote October 23. "Me and the team gone make things happen..now we're grounded focused and ready to work... art, music, life... kids trying to make it."

The project led him to Atlanta, where he uploaded image after image of his videography work.

But over the past few weeks, Joseph's social media presence quieted. His last Instagram post came January 15, his 28th birthday, and now its comment section is choked with sadness and bafflement.

"You don't know him!" wrote livin9lif3. "We all have questions! Everyone is in a tough place right now. He was the sweetest nicest man I have ever knew!"

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