Rafer Alston Left Heat to Be With Suicidal Twin Sister

Oh, man, we kind of feel bad for making light of Rafer Alston's mysterious disappearence from the Heat. According to ESPN, Alston says his decision had little to do with losing his spot in the starting lineup and more to do with the attempted suicide of his twin sister.

"I've never been a quitter, and I still want to go back and tell them face-to-face. But after I had a little time to think about the fact that I wouldn't be playing anymore, I felt the best thing was for me to be with my loved one. I just knew if I'd gotten on the phone and they said the wrong thing, voices would've been raised. I know myself. It would get bad," says Alston, who admitted he might have handled the situation with the Heat badly.

"I'll be 34 in July. If I can come back and play one more season, that would be great. But if not, I'm still happy with my decision. I played 11 years and had a solid career. Maybe I didn't leave Miami the right way. But I left for the right reason."

Alston traveled to his family home in Texas to look after his twin sister, Racine, who had attempted suicide days before Alston was cut from his position.

The only contact he had with the team to explain his absence was a vague text message to a trainer explaining he was going to go back to be with his family.

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