Quentin Wyche Convicted of Killing FIU Running Back Kendall Berry

A man who used a pair of scissors to fatally stab a popular Florida International University football player was found guilty of second-degree murder yesterday.

Six jurors convicted Quentin Wyche. According to CBS4, Wyche's mother sang a hymn as he was handcuffed and led out of the courtroom. Wyche had claimed that FIU running back Kendall Berry had attacked him and that a group of fellow football players had egged him on.

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The case drew national attention and shocked students at FIU's south campus, where grief counselors were deployed after the murder. A Facebook page in honor of the slain 20-year-old drew thousands of likes.

The case took nearly three years to come to an end. Charges were dropped and then refiled after witnesses failed to show up for court or confirm facts of the case.

Witnesses claimed Wyche got into an argument with Berry's girlfriend early on the day of the murder. After an argument between the two men, they alleged Wyche, then 22, reached into his backpack, broke apart a pair of scissors, and chased down Berry.

Wyche's lawyer had tried to invoke the Stand Your Ground law, but Circuit Court Judge Milton Hirsch, once a prominent defense attorney, declined to grant the claim. Hirsch later recused himself from the case.

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