QB Robert Marve Leaving Canes and Bad Blood with Randy Shannon

This picture of Miami Hurricanes QB Robert Marve is on Flickr and taken during his high school days and I have been waiting for the right time to post it. Sadly I will never get that chance as Marve was granted release from the team today

Marve started all but two of the Canes games this year, but was suspended during the opener and the Emerald Bowl for silly little things. Randy Shannon of course wants to be known as a disciplinary bad ass, but sometimes it seems he goes overboard to the detriment of the team. UM has a recent history of taking clumsy, public disciplinary actions just for show and to try and shake the Thug U image, believe me. 

Marve only has this to say to the AP, "I had to get out. I just decided that I can't play for coach Shannon."
Cryptic, but to the point. He's not a Randy Shannon fan, but how many of those are there left? Marve's father Eugene has been a bit more vocal. He's taking to The Herald to go off on Shannon for the stipulations that came with the release. 

Jacory Harris will likely take the starting QB job next year.

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